High strength glue powder dextrin for paper tube/paper core


  • High strength glue powder dextrin for paper tube/paper core
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Product Details

Product introduction

G260 Adhesive is a kind of pure natural bio-green environmental protection new type adhesive. It is based on bio-based raw materials to extract bio-polymer micro-elements through complex production process, and is generated by high-tech cohesion between molecular functional groups. It is also a replacement for traditional white latex in the paper products industry for many years. The characteristics of G260 products are compared with those on the market (white latex). The solid content of white latex is generally between 20% and -30%. It contains emissions such as methanolaldehyde and ethylene. It is harmful to human body for long-term use. G260 products It is green and environmentally friendly and contains no harmful substances to human body. It has aromatic odor, solid content of 60±2%, good fluidity, short initial tack time, fast curing, no drying, strong adhesion, compressive strength and shrinkage after drying. Does not regain moisture and other advantages, the storage period is stable. This product has been well received by users since its launch.It is suitable for paper tube,paper core,paper corner protector,angle board,cone tube.
Product index

Yellowish dextrin
Solid content
The ratio of add water
40%(Custom setting)
PH value
Decomposition temperature
initial 0.4 KN/m; final 3KN/m
Resistance to water
According to customer needs deployment
Shelf life
12 months
25kg (customer designated)

1. Green and environmental protection, long-term use is harmless to the human body and meets the production standards of the enterprise.
2. High strength, good fluidity, fast drying speed and high yield.
3, energy saving and consumption reduction to improve economic efficiency, free of drying, high bonding strength, the paper tube compressive strength produced, better than other rubber types.
4, the initial sticky time is short (10-30 seconds), suitable for different mechanical coils at home and abroad
5, easy to operate, can be directly used at 0 ° C -30 ° C temperature.
Product Usage
1. It is suitable for the sizing of high, medium and low speed mechanical coiling machines, and is used for making high-strength spiral paper tubes, ordinary paper tubes, paper tubes and paper cans.
2. It is suitable for making all kinds of paper guards, honeycomb paper cores, paper trays, etc.
3. to adapt to various types of paper corner production line.
4. suitable for manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic mechanical sizing.
1. The normal use of the temperature between 0 °C and 30 °C does not affect the strength.
2. use the glue tank, rubber roller, scraper, etc. to clean, not mixed with other glue.
3. The glue that has not been used should be sealed in time.

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